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Dr. Colleen McLaughlin McCue brings over 18 years of experience in advanced analytics and the development of actionable solutions to complex information processing problems in the applied public safety and national security environment.  Her areas of expertise include the application of data mining and predictive analytics to the analysis of crime and intelligence data, with particular emphasis on deployment strategies, surveillance detection, threat and vulnerability assessment, fraud detection and the behavioral analysis of violent crime.  Dr. McCue’s experience in the applied law enforcement setting and pioneering work in operationally relevant and actionable analytical strategies has been used to support a wide array of national security and public safety clients.  In this role, she brings more science and less fiction to the field of operational security analytics, helping her clients gain the insight necessary to prevent crime and improve public safety outcomes.  Dr. McCue has published her research findings in journals and book chapters. She also has authored a book on the use of data mining and predictive analytics entitled, Data Mining and Predictive Analysis: Intelligence Gathering and Crime Analysis, and her biography has been included in, "Journeys to Data Mining:  Experiences from 15 Renowned Researchers."

Why Just Count Crime When You Can Prevent It?

Changing Outcomes with Operationally Relevant

and Actionable Analysis